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Firewall and VPN Setup/Solutions

People often ask about the best way to configure their computer/network to protect against threats, such as malicious software, or malware, diverts a portion of your hardware and bandwidth to its own uses, such as hosting pirated software or pornography. Other programs might delete crucial data or bring down your network. Criminals could gain access to your network, and then charge purchases to your company credit cards or siphon money from your accounts.

They say they have installed antivirus protection and never open unexpected email attachments. But they wonder if that is enough. Antivirus protection is certainly an important part of an effective protection solution. It has the ability to detect known threats as well as many new ones via heuristic technologies. But there is a second technology that can be added to help complete the picture: a Firewall.

Our high-level network security framework installed at your organization can help you overcome all these issue.

Solutions Offered

Websense (WS)

Virtual Private Network – VPN

A VPN enables a computer that is located outside the corporate network to connect to that network as if it were inside the building, allowing access to internal resources such as file shares, applications, and printers. Some types of VPN require the outside PC to use a client to access the network, while other VPNs use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and can function without the need for a client to be installed. And some VPN setups can provide both of these connection methods.

Solutions Offered

Cisco Secure VPN Client (Cisco Systems)