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Evershine Vision has experience in helping its customers to manage their computer equipment procurement. We help take the headaches out of ordering and tracking the lifecycle of computer equipment so you can focus on your business operations.

We serve customers for Hardware Solutions provides customized IT support to maintain your entire computer network. From laptops to servers, printers, scanners, and most other peripherals, PCS can keep it running. Clients benefit from our experienced and highly skilled technical engineers

PCS - Hardware Solutions can support your hardware seamlessly with minimal IT involvement

Our Hardware Services are…

Evaluation for IT Products
Laptop/Desktop Repair
Chipset level service for laptop/desktop
Hard Drives, Motherboards, RAMs, CPUs, SMPS’s & DVD Drives Repair/Services
Printer, Scanner and Xerox Service
PC boot up problems & operating system formation/installation
Data Backup & Recovery from failure operating systems
Wired/Wireless Setup/Service for LAN/WAN